Repairing Winter’s Dings, Dents, and Scratches

winter's dings

Spring is finally here in West Michigan, and we have sunny days and warmer weather ahead to enjoy. Now that we can go outside again without completely bundling up, it’s time for spring cleaning and repair. Some cars can shake off the damage of winter with spring detailing. Other cars suffered more of winter’s dings, dents, and scratches and need more tender loving care to restore them to their best condition.

Winter’s Dings and Dents

What kinds of damage occurs in winter? All types. First, the salt and sand that municipalities use to keep the roads passable gets lodged in your car’s body panels and wheels. This can cause them to corrode and rust faster. Loose gravel from damaged roads can chip your vehicle’s paint or windshield too. It’s death by a thousand scratches.

Then there are the actual fender benders and side swipes. It’s a challenge to drive and park in winter with the roads being slippery and plowed snow taking up parking space. Plenty of small accidents happen, though, that don’t result in cars being too damaged to drive. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t damaged. If you make it through a Michigan winter without any new scrapes or dents on your car, count yourself lucky. Too many people do not.

With the shorter days and bad weather cycles, most people do not want to do anything except stay inside during winter. They also figure that fixing problems when more of the same problems might occur during the next storm or the one after that is expensive and counterproductive. The good news is that winter is over now, so before the damage to your car gets worse and more expensive to fix, it’s time to take care of those dents and scratches.

What Can Star Collision Do to Help Winter’s Dings, Dents, and Scratches?

The answer is plenty. We are the restoration experts, and no job is too big (or small) for us to handle. We can restore your vehicle to its best condition and erase any unsightly scratches or dents it suffered. For an investment of $300 to $500, we can work minor miracles. This would include a full cleaning of your vehicle, inside and out. From there we will carefully go over all of your car. If your headlights are scratched or yellowing, we can remove that and restore them to full function. We will update your light bulbs with new ones that will shine brighter and last longer.

We will repair the scratches in your car’s clear coat and paint and make the finish of your car smooth and shiny again. We can also restore the finish on black plastic bumpers, door handles, and tires and repair minor dings and dents with paintless dent repair. We will also replace any of the trim or decorative elements of your car that may have cracked, become discolored, or fallen off.

Anywhere your car has suffered damage Star Collision will take care of it. It’s our job to erase winter’s dings and damage and make it seem like it never occurred. Once we have finished our work, you will be proud to drive your car anywhere and pleased with its condition and appearance. If you are ready to transform your car back to the beauty it once was, call us today at 616-364-6222 in Grand Rapids or 616-866-2640 in Rockford. Summer is coming. Let’s get to work!


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