Why Do You Love Your Car?

love your car

The Unique Bond between Man and Machine

 Grand Rapids, MI (February 12, 2016) – Do you love your car? You are not alone.  One popular insurance commercial has a young woman professing her love for her car “Brad”, which was just totaled, but this depiction isn’t far from true.  A recent study found American drivers do fall in love with their vehicles for a variety of reasons, dote on them with care and customization, and then mourn their loss when they are sold or totaled.

So what do Americans love about their cars? Of course it’s hard to pick just one thing, so most car owners had more than one answer.  Color and style top the list for nearly 50% of respondents (48.15%), with power and performance following closely behind at 40% (40.7 4%).  For others, it’s a matter of independence and pride, as 30% (29.63%) cited the independence their vehicle gives them as their key crush, while nearly 15% (14.81%) said their pride in paying it off helped inspire their love.

How do drivers’ cars make them feel?  Just like a great outfit, it can project confidence.  Some 80% (80.77%) said their cars make them feel confident, an outward reflection of their achievements.  Nearly 12% (11.54%) said their cars inspire their internal Van Halen, making them feel like a rock star.  Cars also make drivers feel cool, for 8% (7.69%) and like a race car driver, also at 8% (7.69%).

Americans’ cars are a reflection of their personal style.  Drivers love to customize the cars they love, from simple decorative touches to unique modifications.  The majority – at 41% — want their music on the road to match their personality, so upgrade their vehicle technology with a state-of-the-art sound and on-board technology system.  Many rank unique tires and rims as their top customization, with 35% (35.29%) opting for tricked out tread.  Tied are colored headlights and undercar light kits and a customized interior at 18% (17.65%).  Nothing says passion like pink headlights, pink seat covers and a pink steering wheel cover!  Drivers also want their car’s paint job to show their style, with 12% (11.76%) opting for special paint and trim jobs, wraps and graphics.

A wrecked vehicle can be a heartbreaking event.  When something happens to the vehicle they love, American drivers take it personally.  Nearly 50% (48.15%) said seeing their vehicle totaled in a wreck would break their heart, while 22% (22.22%) said it would be like losing a best friend.  Many drivers would treat it like a bad break-up, as nearly 30% (29.63%) said they would be angry about their loss.  But there were some idealistic car lovers who looked on the bright side – nearly 26% (25.93%) said it would be an opportunity to fall in love with a new car and nearly 15 (14.81%) said they would buy another one just like it.

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