Star of Rockford Loves Our Rockford Customers and Supports Local Business!

Rockford collision repair

Star of Rockford has been a fixture in the Rockford community for two decades. We love our customers, and we appreciate their business. We have seen our town grow and develop and are proud to be a part of that development as a Rockford collision repair company. 

A History within the Rockford Community 

Dan Williams, the president and owner of Star of Rockford, has been closely involved in the Rockford business community in many ways. A gifted entrepreneur with extensive experience in the automotive service field, Williams gave excellent customer service with River Valley Auto, River Valley Towing, and AllSTAR Glass. Through the years, he couldn’t lose sight of what was the most important business to him, however.

“In 2011 we decided to narrow the focus of our work and return the majority of our energy to what we are really great at – the collision repair and painting side of the car business. It was then River Valley Towing was sold, and in May of 2018 River Valley Auto was sold.” Both companies are now thriving with new local ownership and are enjoying the support for locally owned business Rockford residents love to give. 

Williams feels that loyalty is a Rockford community trademark: “The Rockford community, and its surrounding area, are the reason we are successful today. They understand the importance of supporting local businesses. We at Star of Rockford truly appreciate this beyond what we can express. I feel if you do great work, offer competitive pricing, and get involved, this community will get behind you 100 percent.

“There are many examples of this every year, and it shows in many aspects of the community. The residents are so blessed with a great K-12 school system that is consistently recognized for its quality at both the statewide and nationwide level. The Rockford Chamber of Commerce is totally focused on each business’s success and constantly proves it with their actions. There really is no place quite like Rockford.”


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