Does Your Car Need Spring Detailing?

spring detailing

It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it, fellow Michiganders? In West Michigan we’ve been slammed by storms for two months now. The wear and tear on all of our vehicles from having to travel in snow, ice, and on salted roads is noticeable. Fortunately, spring is right around the corner. The snow will melt and recede, the sun will shine again, and construction crews will be out to repair the roads soon. Could your car use some cleaning and care too? It’s time for spring detailing.

What Is Detailing?

Car detailing is different from car washing. At a typical car wash, the washing process takes between ten and twenty minutes start to finish. Vacuuming out the interior takes a little more time. If the car is reasonably clean, this kind of wash serves as a nice touch up. It costs less, is simple and quick enough to do on a lunch break, and removes the surface dirt and grime. It will not undo the damage winter has done to your car, though.

Detailing is much more thorough. The goal of detailing to to fully clean and restore your vehicle back to its original “like new” condition. When Star Collision details your vehicle we clean it, vacuum it, polish it, and buff out the imperfections. When it’s done, you will be proud to display it anywhere.

Detailing Cleans Your Car’s Interior

The detailing process is top to bottom. We use specialty tools to make sure every speck of dirt or salt is removed from all the crevices of your vehicle. We shampoo your upholstery to remove stains. If your upholstery is leather, we condition it after we scrub it for stains. We also clean and polish your interior glass so it shines.

Detailing Restores Your Car’s Exterior

Exterior detailing involves removing everything nature has thrown at your car. We wash the exterior and allow the soap to foam so that it can pull of any dirt or grime that has accumulated. We use brushes and wheel cleaning products to get the baked-on crud your wheels have picked up from the road. This includes cleaning parts like brake calipers and lug nuts.

We then wash and dry the paintwork and polish it to remove any light scratches, swirls, or oxidation. Once this is finished, we wax the exterior to give it a protective layer and make the results of the detailing last. Finally we clean all the exterior glass and metal so that the everything sparkles and shines like it did when it was new.

Many of our customers schedule their cars for spring detailing because the dirt is so noticeable this time of year. It’s satisfying to turn back the clock, wipe away the damage of winter, and roll into spring looking beautiful. If your car needs to have any additional scratches or dings picked up during winter fixed, Star Collision can do that for your as well.

Spring is not the only time for a thorough detailing of your car, however. All car enthusiasts should consider getting their cars detailed periodically. Detailing keeps your car looking great and helps maintain its value and functionality. If you would like to have your car restored to “like new” condition, call us at Star Collision. We can help!