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When your car needs a touch-up or a full makeover, our auto painting experts can help restore it back to its beauty and luster. A fresh coat of paint adds value to a vehicle and gives tremendous satisfaction to its owner. It also adds a protective layer between the body and the elements, prolonging the life of the car. Star Custom’s paint department can custom mix or match any type and color of paint.

Auto Painting Services

We offer the following painting services:

  • Auto Painting
  • Paint Touch Ups
  • Pinstriping
  • Custom Paint Mixing
  • Paint Matching
  • Clear Coating
  • Primers & Sealers
  • Scratch Removal

At Star we use PPG’s global color database which has over two million paint formulas. With PPG Vibrance collection products, we can produce any paint color, including tri-coat paints, custom candies, and basecoat clear coats. If you have imagined the perfect color for your beloved car, we can create it. Our paint professionals love to hear color ideas because they love restoring vehicles to their original - or even better - condition.

If you’re worried about matching your car’s original finish, don’t. We can match it, and the surface of your car will be clean, clear, and beautiful again. We back our finishes with a lifetime warranty. For an idea of what we can do in terms of color and restoration, browse some of our previous projects. We know you’ll be excited by what you see. 

The finish of a car is the first thing you see when you look at it, and it’s what will leave a lasting impression. If your car is in need of auto painting services or restoration, please call us at (616) 952-2616 or request a quote.  We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your car’s auto paint.




Auto Painting & Touchups


Custom Decals & Graphics


Paint Mixing & Matching

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