New Paint: What to Consider before Having Your Car Painted

new paint

There’s nothing like a new paint job to make a car owner feel proud and excited about his vehicle. A flawless, fresh coat of paint makes a car look like a million bucks. New paint will increase its value and make it less vulnerable to the elements. However, getting a car painted is not a quick or cheap process. Before you decide to have your car painted, there are some things you need to know. 

New Paint Won’t Fix Everything

First, you can’t fix any underlying problems your vehicle has with a coat of paint. If the car has dings, dents, scratches, pits, holes, or rust spots, painting over them may make them even more noticeable. Also, new paint cannot be applied on top of existing paint that is faded or irregular in places. To ensure the new paint job looks amazing, the body shop you trust with your car will need to strip the paint from the car and fix the damage first. 

In fact, the paint process will require that your car be disassembled and the interior removed as well. This may include the seats and the car’s dash and console. This is done to ensure that these parts don’t aren’t damaged by the painting process and so that every part of the car that needs to be painted can be reached. You definitely do not want your interior to be splashed with paint when the exterior looks shiny and flawless, and you don’t want the body shop to miss anything.

Painting a Car Takes Time

All of this means that painting a car can not be done in a day or overnight. It takes time. Generally, you should expect painting to take about a week to complete. While it may be somewhat inconvenient to be without your car for this long, it allows the auto body professionals to do their work properly, without rushing and cutting corners. It will be worth it in the end. 

Because cars are different and their condition varies, there is no set price for a new paint job. If the shop has to make extensive repairs or the vehicle has many parts or panels, the price will be higher. The quality of the paint you choose will also affect the price. Your body shop should itemize exactly what they will do to your car in terms of repair and paint work in their cost estimate. If they do not, request it. Also, make sure that estimate includes a final clear coat. That coat will give your car extra protection from the elements. You definitely want it. 

New Paint Increases Value

While having a car painted is not an inexpensive repair, the good news is that it adds value. It’s valuable to you, of course, as the owner. It will make your car look gorgeous and inspire you to take it out and drive it for enjoyment more often. It also adds resale value. A new paint job will give a classic car much more appeal. Of course, if the car isn’t a classic and is older than 10 years, you should calculate whether you will get your investment back if you paint it and then sell it. If it has a lot of problems, a coat of paint isn’t going to solve them or make a buyer ignore them. 

In some cases, car insurance policies will pay for body work, including repainting, if the car is damaged in an accident. If this is your situation, make sure to check with your insurance carrier before you have the work done. 

If you’ve made it through this list and are still planning on having your car painted, call us at Star Collision (616-364-6222) or Star of Rockford (616-866-2640)! We would love to give you a quote for painting or answer any further questions you have about having your car repainted. 


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