What Do You Need to Know about Towing Service after an Accident?

Towing service

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you’ll know that immediately following a collision, it can be hard to think straight. It’s frustrating, scary, and inconvenient. That’s why it’s best to prepare for an accident before it ever happens. If your car has sustained serious damage, you will need to involve a tow truck. Star Collision and Star of Rockford can help you with that. We will contact a towing service for you and make sure that a tow truck arrives to assist you promptly. While you wait for the truck to arrive, what are some things that you should know or do? 

  1. Put your hazard lights on and leave your headlights on. This will make your car more visible to traffic so it will not be hit by another vehicle while it’s in a vulnerable position. If you’re in a heavier traffic area, it would not hurt to open the car’s hood or attach a bright piece of fabric to a window. That way it will be clear to others what has happened and you may have fewer rubberneckers. If it’s too dangerous to get out of the vehicle, however, stay put with your hazard lights on and wait for the tow truck to arrive. 
  2. Towing from the accident site to the body shop directly will save you time and possibly expense. If you know that you want your car to be repaired, the best choice to make is to have the tow truck take your vehicle where you want it repaired. This will begin the repair process sooner – which means your life will return to normal sooner as well. 
  3. Use a reputable towing company. If your tow truck arrives and it doesn’t seem like it’s the one you or your body shop called on your behalf, refuse their services. The same goes for a tow truck operator who will not give you enough information or adequately explain what he is doing. Unfortunately, scammers do exist, and sometimes they prey on people who are shaken up at accident sites. Make sure the tow truck company is who they are supposed to be before signing anything or letting them take your car. They should give you a receipt for their services and tell you where they are taking your vehicle. Ask them to provide you with their company address and phone number for your records. 
  4. Remove any personal belongings from your vehicle before the tow truck arrives. You should have the chance to remove anything after the car is towed either to the body shop or an impound lot. Impound lots have business hours that may not be convenient for you, however. And if the car is totaled, you may only have a short time to claim your possessions before it’s hauled away. If you want to make sure nothing you value goes missing, take it with you from the scene of the accident. This includes all of your documents or records.

Star Collision and Star of Rockford both offer 24-hour towing service that will transport your vehicle safely and quickly to our body shop so that repairs can begin as soon as possible. If you are concerned about your car insurance determining the body shop where your car can be towed, don’t be. Insurance companies cannot dictate where you take your car to be repaired. You decide that. Star works cooperatively with many different insurance companies, and we will make the process of getting an estimate for repairs simple for you. 

If you need towing service after an accident, give Star a call. We will make sure a tow truck is dispatched right away, and we will communicate with you throughout the entire process of the repair until we’ve restored your vehicle to its pre-accident condition and you can drive it off our lot and back to your home. 


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