Delaying Repairs Puts Your Car at Risk

delaying repairs

A clean coat of paint makes a huge difference in the appearance of any automobile. Whereas dings, scratches, or dents mar a car’s surface and ruin the look. Unfortunately, in the process of driving around or even parking in different locations, your car will be at risk for being scratched or dented. Even if you are very mindful when driving, many people are just careless with their cars. When dents happen, you may be tempted to put off fixing the damage to the paint because of the expense, but you should know that delaying repairs puts your car at risk for further damage. 

Paint Is a Protector

The exterior paint on a car provides a defense against the elements and chemicals that your car’s body is regularly exposed to. In Michigan this includes sun, rain, snow, dirt, and gravel as well as salt and de-icing chemicals. When your car gets a dent or a scrape, the metal underneath the paint become vulnerable to rust. The paint on your car can fracture from even a small dent or scratch. If, as a result, the clear coat begins to chip and peel away, the paint underneath may flake and detach itself from the metal body. That is an invitation for rust to enter and do its ugly work.

Rust is merciless. It’s also a lot harder to fix than scraped paint. The longer you wait to fix a dent or scrape, the larger it’s likely to get and the more probable it is that it will rust. That rust may not remain isolated to that area either. It can spread to other areas of the car and cause further, even structural, damage. In fact, rust often spreads under the paint to areas that are not easily visible. This is why delaying repairs is such a bad idea.

Leave Dent Repairs to the Professionals

It may seem like fixing a small scratch or dent is an easy DIY project, but repairing a car’s exterior paint job is more challenging than it looks. You can buy a can of paint, apply it, and sand it down, but it probably won’t look quite right and it won’t offer the same protection. There is a reason why people pay professionals to paint their cars. 

First, auto body professionals can detect the full extent of the damage to your car. They can make recommendations on how to fix it quickly and completely. They will get it right the first time and make sure that your car’s body is once again protected from the elements and other dangers. 

Second, a good body shop will be able to match the paint of your car’s exterior exactly. This is something most DIYers struggle with. They may try several times to match the color and fail. Auto body professionals have technology that will ensure a perfect color match to your car’s existing paint. The result will be that you will not be able to tell where the scratch was because the car’s paint is again whole and beautiful. 

Delaying Repairs Costs You Money

New scratches or dents are usually straightforward repairs and relatively inexpensive to fix. Yes, repairing damage will cost money, but you will only be fixing the dent and not the dent and any other damage that occurred because problems that resulted from delaying repairs. If your car has a dent or a scratch marring its paint, don’t wait to fix it. Call us at Star Collision or Star of Rockford today. We will make your car look gorgeous again in no time!


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