Star’s COVID-19 Safety Precautions

COVID-19 safety

The coronavirus has had a serious and lasting impact on all of us as Americans, but we continue to live our lives and move forward. Star Collision and Star of Rockford have remained open throughout the epidemic as essential businesses. We have made changes in the way we do our work, however, in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our employees. We are following the guidance we receive from CDC recommendations and local officials. We take safety precautions so that our customers do not have to worry about anything more than getting their vehicles back fully repaired and in great condition. 

Taking COVID-19 Safety Precautions to Protect Our Customers

Traffic may be down during the COVID-19 lockdown, but people are still driving to their jobs, to the grocery store, and to other daily activities. That means our Star employees still have important work to do. We have implemented many precautionary measures to make sure that vehicles get the same great repair service and customers and staff are protected. These actions include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting our locations daily
  • Requiring staff members to wash their hands regularly
  • Maintaining social distancing wherever possible
  • Disinfecting surfaces on repaired vehicles
  • Giving customers options for interacting with staff

Contactless Service

If you’re worried about COVID-19, we understand, and we want to make you as comfortable as possible during the repair process. You do not have to come to our locations. We can come and get your car. We will go to your house if that is your preference. There we can write up an estimate and send it to you electronically. We can even send you live video of the repairs through facetime so you can see what we are doing and how the repair is going. 

If you want to drop off your car but do not want to have direct contact with staff, we offer contactless service. Call our shop when you arrive, and we can inspect your car while you are still inside of it. We can obtain authorization for the work via email. We are also happy to offer you services like getting a rental car for your temporary use so you will still have a vehicle to use while you wait.

When your car is fully repaired, we can finalize paperwork and receive payment electronically and/or leave copies of any paperwork in your vehicle. We will, of course, take the time to fully sanitize your car to ensure your safety before you pick it up. We will also call you and answer any questions you have at that time and let you know it’s ready.

Whatever you and your vehicle need, we at Star are happy to accommodate you. We’re willing to go the extra mile for our customers always, but particularly during this difficult time with these safety precautions. Thank you for your business. We truly appreciate it.

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