For Car Restorations and Custom Projects Choose Star Customs

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Our Star family of auto body services doesn’t just restore cars that have been damaged in accidents. Many of our customers are car aficionados who want full service car restorations on beloved classic vehicles or paint or body improvements on their current cars. They can get everything they need for either restorations or custom projects at Star Customs.

What Does Star Customs Do?

Star CustomsFor years Mike Lantz and the rest of our Star Customs team have been restoring and improving vehicles for Grand Rapids customers, but this part of the Star family of companies is growing and very excited about the work that they do. In 2019 they completed 55 special projects. These included classic car restorations, custom body work, one-off builds, and hot rods. They do everything from maintenance, lowering kits, lift kits, wheels, brake kits, suspension kits, tube chassis, roll cages, custom one-off body mods, street cars, race cars, and much more. They work with car owners to add personalized touches to their cars to make them one of a kind and truly reflective of their owners’ personalities. If you can imagine your vehicle having it, Star Customs can make it become reality. 

Complete Car Restorations

Because Star Customs is a full-service shop, they can take care of any improvement or car restorations at one location. This saves customers time, money, and convenience because they don’t have to search out other shops in order to get different pieces of their project finished. Star Customs can do painting, custom body work, patching, metal fabrication, and rim refurbishment. They can replace panels, update the electrical system, and reupholster the interior. Inside and out, if your vehicle has wheels and a body, they can transform it.

Star Customs has a Facebook page that features hundreds of before and after photos of work they do. If you love seeing full transformations from old to new again, check out their projects on Facebook. They update their galleries regularly. The Star Customs team frequently take their cars to car shows across Michigan to show their work to car lovers. They recently created a new YouTube page as well, so check it out. Who doesn’t like to admire classic cars in beautifully restored condition

You may wonder what the possibilities are for your ride and want to customize or modify it to make it exactly what you want. Contact Mike and his team at Star Customs to discuss your vision for your car and how they can work with you to make it happen. 


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